Keep Sinning – Wait Repent?

are you kidding me? The spirit of the question seems to be whether one should continue in either a specific sin or just sinning in general with the idea of repenting from that sinful lifestyle at some distant point in the future. And the hope naturally enough is that one has just enough time before dying to repent of their sins and be saved.

Number one from the sinning person’s standpoint is that the odds against knowing you are going to die within the next few minutes are really very much against that possibility happening. I suspect that in the last five seconds of someone’s life spent skidding out of control at 60 mph on the highway is probably going to be spent screening and bracing.


On a more serious note repenting is in large part all about a change of heart toward sin and toward God and not playing the odds with your eternal destiny at other words, repenting is serious business and you are either sincere or playing games and only sincerity counts.