Sharing the Gospel with People

If you are interested in witnessing to people you probably already know that the word gospel simply means “good news”. The good news is simply that the Messiah has come, he is Jesus Christ, and the penalty for an individual’s sins can be met by the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made up on the cross. Who wouldn’t think that’s good news?

I’ll tell you would not think that’s good news: people who don’t understand that they are sinners and that their sin is enough to keep them out of heaven. They really could not care less so how could it possibly be good news?

Your job as a presenter of the Gospel is to show them convincingly that qualifying for eternal life with God is not a matter of being a good person but rather that even as a good person they have committed many sins in their life. You need to show them in a way that even they can see that they are indeed sinners and that one fact is enough to keep them out of heaven.


The easiest way for you to do this is to use the 10 Commandments. In fact, God tells us that the purpose of the law is so that people can see that they are sinners so doesn’t it make sense that we should still be using the law to show people that they are indeed sinners?

Familiarize yourself with two or three of the 10 Commandments and initiate your witnessing opportunities, giving people the opportunity to acknowledge that in light of what the 10 Commandments says that they are indeed sinners beyond any doubt and thus not worthy of spending eternity with God in heaven.

You are still going to share with them salvation by grace through faith. It is still all about faith in Jesus Christ and his atoning death on the cross. It’s simply that before someone can be saved they need to UNDERSTANDthat they are eternally separated from God BY THEIR ACTUAL SINS and need to apologize to him. Once you and the Holy Spirit have gotten them to this point the Holy Spirit has a lot more to work with because you have shown the individual that they truly need to be saved and in such a way that they can accept that they are lost sinners.


When you take the few minutes necessary to demonstrate to someone in a way that they can relate to that although they are not axe murderers they are still sinners then you are not jumping ahead of the Holy Spirit and you’re much more likely to see people that you have witnessed to later come to be saved.

As always,it may not happen in your presence but you will know that you have done things in the proper manner andpeople are going to be saved as a direct result of your efforts.