Tim Russert – Yet one more lesson from his death.

He is dead at only 58 years of age. And, it was only a few months ago that he passed a sophisticated treadmill test with flying colors. We are shocked because we know him from his extensive time on television but, in reality, there were probably dozens of other 58 year olds who died within the last week from a similar heart attack. We just don’t know them from TV.

The point is simply that we never know for sure when we are going to die. We can look at the odds of it happening within the next 24 hours to us personally and play those odds well but, as the cliché goes, you just never know.

I know nothing about Mr. Russert’s spiritual life. I mean absolutely nothing at all. It is just that sitting here a few moments ago watching one of the many news shows reminiscing about Mr. Russert’s life the thought came into my mind, “Wow, I wonder if anyone ever spoke to him about his need to repent and turn to God through Jesus Christ?”

It is certainly true that Mr. Russert may be saved and with God at this moment. The point is simply if you personally suspect that someone you are in contact with has not turned their life over to God and been saved by the price that Jesus Christ paid then the death of Mr. Russert is a reminder to you that today, not tomorrow, is the time when you need to speak to them about their absolute need to repent and turn their lives over to God.

One last time, as a reminder to you to not be embarrassed or ashamed of the gospel. Now is the time to talk with anyone and everyone that you suspect is not saved.