Plan of Salvation as You’ve Never Heard it Before

Do you believe in God? Well, maybe I should clarify just a little bit. Do you believe in God as the Bible describes Him?

Okay, I will assume that you answered yes to that question so my next question to you would be, are you familiar with the Ten Commandments and how many of them have you broken? Probably more than just a few.

For instance, you know that according to the 10 Commandments you’re never supposed to tell a lie but  if you’re like me you’ve told a lot of them in your lifetime.

And, you know that you’re never supposed to steal anything. Now how many things have you stolen in your lifetime? I for one know that the first thing that I stole was in the first grade. Maybe even before then but that time in the first grade is the first time that I can recall.

I remember a friend and I sneaking around in the back of the classroom while the teacher was reading stories and we were stealing pencils from our classmates. I was already a thief.

Maybe you didn’t steal anything in elementary school but I’d bet that somewhere along the way you stole a pencil or a pen or a box of paper clips, or a case of corn or cash from the register? We know that if you’re a human being you’ve undoubtably stolen something along the way during your lifetime and violated the 10 Commandments again.

Let’s not go through all of the 10 Commandments but stop right here because we’ve probably already established in your mind that you are a lying thief. Am I right?

Let’s remember that the 10 Commandments are nonnegotiable and when God gave them to the Israelites to spread throughout the world he attached consequences to obedience or disobedience in context of the 10 Commandments. And, before you try to jump ahead and say something about this now being the Church age and the Ten Commandments don’t count, let me remind you that Jesus said he came not to abolish the Law but to fulfill the Law. The Ten Commandments do still count.

Back to the 10 Commandments in the book of Exodus, God said that he would bless those people that love him AND keep his commandments. I hope you caught the significance there. He said that we should love him and also keep his commandments. We have a responsibility for both of them. To love and to obey.

He went on to say that those people who do not keep the 10 Commandments faithfully demonstrate that they hate him. He didn’t say that those people were just human beings, or fallible human beings, or just ordinary people. No, he said those people that do not keep his commandments actually hate him. I’m pretty sure that all translators do translate that phrase using the word hate.

Now really, this is not some kind of deep theology. This is just plain, even contemporary, common sense that your actions speak louder than your words. If you say that you love someone but you treat them with contempt can you honestly say that you love them and be believed? I don’t think so.

Okay, let’s go back to our initial premise that you do believe in the God of the Bible. Since you believe the Bible you have no choice but to believe in both Heaven or Hell as eternal destinations for all human beings.

We do know more than a few things about heaven and hell. As just one example, the Bible reveals some of the things that Jesus Christ said when he walked among us. At this point, considering only His words, it really does not matter whether you see Jesus Christ as being God or as just being a prophet, either role will work for the moment.

When you study his words that are revealed in the New Testament a simple count will show you that Jesus spent more energy warning us about the perils of hell then he did the glories of Heaven. And, he made it very clear that each of us have a choice only between two eternal destinies. We will spend eternity in heaven with God or we will spend eternity in hell being separated from God.

Now on the day that God judges you as to whether you will spend eternity in heaven or in hell, the actions of some people will say that they love him. The actions of others will indicate that they truly hate him. Which group do you think he will be sending to heaven? Leaving which group that will spend eternity in Hell separated from him? I mean, since those people hate him why would they ever want to spend eternity with him in the first place? Would you want to spend eternity with someone that you hate? Of course not.

Remember now that your faithful obedience to the 10 Commandments is the litmus test of whether you love God or whether you hate God, you lying thief.

So, at this very moment do your actions say that you love God or hate him? All this time you thought you were just kind of ambivalent toward God, didn’t have any strong feelings for or against him, but your actions all along have said that you have very strong feelings toward God. Your actions say that you have actually hated him. You really don’t care what He says about proper behavior. Does that bother you at all?

If that doesn’t bother you then please continue along your merry way but with the assurance that since you believe in the God of the Bible and you also believe in heaven and hell that your eternal destiny is not going to be a pleasant place, to say the least.

On the other hand if it does bother you and you are interested in making things right between you and God then stop doing things that say you hate him and start doing things that say you love him.

You need to apologize to God because you have let him down. You have failed him miserably and he deserves a lot better than that.

As with any true apology you’re going to be asking for his forgiveness, as well. You’ll need forgiveness for the things that you have already done wrong and you know that you’re still not going to keep the 10 Commandments faithfully in the future, so you need some real serious help and some very serious forgiveness because now that you know the truth about how you’ve failed God it becomes even more important that you make things right with him.

As you probably already know, there is a price to pay for the sins that you have already committed as well as those sins that you will commit in the future. You have the choice of either saying, Almighty God, I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I ask you to punish me accordingly even though I know this will mean eternal separation from you, or you can say, Almighty God, I am sorry for what I’ve done to you and I ask you to forgive me based on what Jesus Christ did for me in dying on the cross and rising to life again.

Choosing your eternal destiny is determined more by your actions then your words. Your actions either say that you love God or you really could not care less about him. Your lack of concern about your relationship with God only reveals more strongly how much you hate him.

Remember that it is imperative you apologize to God for the lifestyle that you have lived, the one that said that you hate him and then ask for his forgiveness in Christ.

The change that will then come into your life will astound you. Although you will still fail many times along the way your sincere desire will be to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Your life will say continually that you love him and not hate him and he will recognize you for that and bless you if only by giving you assurance of living with him for all eternity.

And, you’ll know that your very best days are still ahead of you.

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