God of Love and Your Salvation

What are your personal views on the Holy Bible? Would it be fair to say that you believe it is the Word of God? Oh, maybe you don’t consider yourself to be an extremist but, on balance, you pretty much believe that the Bible is accurate when it talks about the existence of God and the reality of heaven as a place. Maybe you even acknowledge, but don’t pretend to comprehend how it can be, that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

If you believe the first paragraph above is a fair description of you than you need to ask yourself  what your views are about who goes to heaven when they die.

There are lots of opinions on this subject and the most prevailing opinion is that all good people go to heaven when they die. Maybe the big problem is defining what good actually means. Do we mean good compared to friends and neighbors and people that we see on the news? Or do we mean good compared to God in heaven? You see, God requires us to measure ourselves against him and not our neighbors.

In order to help us understand this concept one of the things that God did for mankind was to give us the 10 Commandments. By comparing our lives to the 10 Commandments and doing so objectively it’s easy for us to realize that God is right and that we do not in any way compare to him.

All of us are guilty of having told lies in our life. Maybe we justify it by categorizing it as just a little white lie in order to spare someone’s feelings but still, a lie is a lie is a lie.

Also it’s probably true that all of us have stolen something along the way. It may have been something little or it may have been something of a lot of value but when you are really honest with yourself and understand that God truly has seen everything that you have done in your lifetime and has a photographic memory you know that you have been guilty of stealing one or more items in the course of your life.

This only covers two of the 10 Commandments and already you know that you are guilty of not measuring up to God. And he does hold you accountable for this.

God’s desire for us is not for him to be seen as a harsh disciplinarian but rather to help us have a clear picture of ourselves and how we as individuals have drifted away from God. It is his desire that when we see the truth we come to our senses and begin to focus our lives and our attention on him. When we do this it will become obvious in our lives through changed priorities that we have started living lives that reflect an honest effort to live lives pleasing to God.

The only thing that remains then is to apologize to God for all the times that we have failed him in life and to ask his forgiveness. Along with his forgiveness however, the penalty for our failures, better known as our sins, still must be paid.

We do not have to go any further than the court of law to realize that if a captured bank robber sincerely apologizes to the judge for what he has done, the judge may forgive him because he detects the robber’s sincerity but nevertheless the crime must be punished.

In the same way, when you go to God for forgiveness the punishment for your sins must still take place except that God, being the God of love, will accept the price that Jesus Christ paid on the cross through his death on the cross as more than adequate punishment for your sins.

All that you need to do then in order to be assured of spending eternity with God is to see yourself as God sees you and then respond appropriately.

If only through the 10 Commandments, God enables you to see that you are far from perfect. Compared to your friends and neighbors you may be a pretty good person but according to God’s standard, which is the only one that counts, you have clear evidence that you are a convicted sinner.

God simply want you to see yourself for what you truly are and to turn back the focus of your life to him. To sincerely apologize to him for the many times that you have failed him through your actions and through your inattention to him and have enough faith to ask him to forgive you in the name of Jesus Christ to pay the debt for your sins.

And, God is so much the God of love that he will even give you enough faith to be saved.

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