God is Always on Time

The fact that God is always on time should be both a comfort and an encouragement for all of us in Christ. There are constantly examples of this fact in action in our individual lives but since we all really don’t know one another we can remember that there are instances of this in the Bible that we are all familiar with. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

I think of Joseph and his life. I remember what the Bible tells us about a large part of his life being disliked within his own family, spending time as a slave, in the dungeon, and yet when the timing was right there was God putting him the second in command in Egypt.

Who among us would not be willing to endure a lot of bad stuff if only we knew that in the end God wins. And, in the end we will share in many of the benefits of that victory.

Then I think of Moses and his being born into slavery. He becomes a murderer and spends 40 years in exile. Yet look how great his life turned out simply because when God came calling Moses agreed to go walking with God.

And whenever Moses needed help God was always there on time. A very obvious example comes to mind in the parting of the Red Sea. Remember that the sea was stable and it didn’t look like anything was going to change yet Moses, in faith, took that step into the Red Sea and just in time, once again, God was right on time and parted the Red Sea for Moses and all of those following him.

Remember that as part of God’s family you will be also able to count on God always being on time for you. As one lady said to me many many years ago, God may not seem to come when you call him but he is always on time.

Can you think of any examples in your own life where things seemed to be very miserable yet just in the nick of time God was there to help you? Why not take a few moments to add your story to this post?

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