God’s Plan of Salvation

God’s plan may not be the same as your plan if you frequently say, “My God wouldn’t do that or be that way.” In that case, you are apparently your own God. Good luck with that!

What does God, the one that the Bible is all about, have to say about some important things in your life? You will find some answers here but you can also pose a question in the form of a comment for any of the posts.


Why do people do evil things?

Remember that God is Always On Time


If you are interested in witnessing to people you probably already know that the word gospel simply means “good news”. The good news is simply that the Messiah has come, he is Jesus Christ, and the penalty for an individual’s sins can be met by the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made up on the cross. Who wouldn’t think that’s good news?

I’ll tell you who would not think that’s good news: people who don’t understand that they are sinners and that their sin is enough to keep them out of heaven. Your job as a presenter of the Gospel is to show them convincingly that qualifying for eternal life with God is not a matter of being a good person but rather that even as a good person they have committed many sins in their life.

Jesus died to give them a better life? Not primarily! That’s very bad theology.

Read the scriptures. Jesus came to save sinners. Everything else is secondary. Anyone who trusts in Jesus for any reason other than because they are convicted in their hearts that they are sinners, have sinned against God, absolutely positively without any reservations whatsoever know that they deserved to spend eternity separated from God in Hell, is still lost.

Those that know they are sinners and deserve Hell, those are the ones that Jesus died and rose again for. Please, don’t ever witness to someone without giving the Holy Spirit opportunity to convict them of their sinfulness.

Jesus the Christ came to save sinners. Period.

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